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Wii, The Coolest Game Console

Nintendo has released so many video game consoles on the market for the past years. Among all their launches, there's definitely one that stands out and makes a huge difference, and that's Nintendo Wii. This video game console has made a big name on the market for its undefeated high gross sales, since it was first launched. It has also made a remarkable trademark to those gamers for its innovative design and advanced features. Wii is the Nintendo's fifth home game console. Compared to the other previous video games they have released, Wii has a greatest impact to most game fanatics and those who are fond of collecting video game consoles. In fact, most gamers consider it as the coolest game console because of its unique accessories and compact design. The superb features of Wii are some of the good reasons why people from all ages get attracted and be amazed to it.

One of its distinguishing features is the wireless Wii Remote that can be used for pointing purposes and motion-sensing abilities. As a pointing device, this helps the player to be more comfortable in playing because they are no longer require to come near to the console just to choose or change a new game. In that case, it helps playing game more accessible to people. Wii Remote also makes playing game more exciting and fun, since the players do not need to use the classic controller. It also includes speaker and expansion ports intended for connecting additional input devices such as Nunchuk.

By connecting Nunchuk on the wireless wii remote, the players can detect the acceleration or movements of their characters that makes playing more enjoyable. Some gamers consider this Nunchuk as an ideal partner for Wii remote because they can use Nunchuk's analog stick to assist them in character movements and wii remote to perform a specific actions. Another distinct feature is the Nintendo DS Compatibility in which Wii system supports wireless connectivity with the Nintendo DS. This allows the players to use some accessories of Nintendo DS such as Microphone and touch screen as inputs in Wii games without any additional accessories.

For this reason, it would be an advantage for those people who owned Nintendo DS console because they can able to use them again in playing Nintendo Wii. Online connectivity is another great feature of Nintendo Wii. This provides Wii to have an online connection from the Internet by using WiiConnect24 and Wi- Fi connection. Through WiiConnect24, it enables Wii to receive messages and updates from the Internet while the console is on the stand-by mode. By means of Wi-Fi Connection, the players can able to facilitate free Internet play of Wii games. Indeed, Wii is truly one of the greatest achievements of Nintendo Company. Its overall compact design and features are the main reasons why most people are encouraged to have their own Wii.


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