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The Wonders Of Technology - Live Webcasting

The world of technology has changed so fast that most people have not been able to keep pace with it. Just when you get the hang of how to log on to the Internet and start chatting on instant messenger, they come up with upgraded versions where you can speak on the headphones too. And then as soon as you get used to that there comes the web camera that allows the other person to see you. And this is not the case only with one aspect of the Internet but with each and everything that is going around.

It is actually ironical that even today most of the people working on computers use only a fraction of the applications that are available. For example, an average businessman or executive would probably be using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and may use the Internet for some information searches.

Another interesting aspect of the whole situation is that teenagers catch on to newer technology and can make use of it much faster than the older generation. Take webcasting fro example! I had not heard the term before I saw a program about Internet crime. To my utter disgust, I found that a teenage girl was using the concept of live webcasting to show the various girls doing the rounds. And this was being done among here own friends without their knowledge and all to earn some cash.

Sad though it might be technology has its bad and good side. The good side is that live webcasting can actually save corporates a lot of cost because now they can conduct meetings across the world using live webcasting. Documents can be shared and shown on screen and the people can converse as if they were all sitting round a table. If you actually dim the lights in the room you may actually fee that you are sitting in a meeting room.

The other benefit of live webcasting is that it can be used to chat up with friends and family across the world. It does not have to be as mundane as typing away furiously on the instant messenger and neither does it have to be only a voice chat. You can sit in front of the computer and chat with your friends and family as if they were actually there. The only thing you may not be able to do is to give them a hug. But I will not be surprised if some new technology can handle this aspect also.

If you want to know more about live webcasting and how you can use your webcam you should log onto the Internet and conduct some information search. You are sure to find a plethora of information and all that you are looking for.


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